Congratulations Piston and Ginger


Wow, it has been a wild ride getting here but I am happy to announce that Piston and Ginger had their long anticipated litter of puppies yesterday. These two were meant to be bred together, with three Grand Victor and Grand Victrix awards between them. Congratulations Piston! Your ISSR Shiloh Shepherd puppies are going to grow into magnificent dogs that will make you proud.

I am happy to report that Ginger is doing great and is looking forward to two upcoming milestones, retirement and puppies with teeth so they can move to real food. Of the nine pups, four are girls and five are boys. They were born at 9:43 on September 8, 2013. Mom was pretty groggy but was her old self after a good sleep. Although, as she was walking into the whelping box for the first time there was a slight pause as I think she started to both remember what this means, and what the next 10 weeks are going to be like. But she did just lose 15 pounds so maybe that helps.

Lots of thanks (again) to the great team at Pender. Also thanks to Josh (@Jschubring) and Danielle (@Hipdanielle) for all their help. Together we will find JD.




Jack Tries and Tries and Tries Again


Jack kissing Penny

Jack has been smitten with his girlfriend, Penny, since he met her. Penny is finally ready and Jack passed all of his tests so… The first date was a valiant effort but apparently Jack forgot how. The second date had a similar result with poor Jack just ending up tired out. Jack and Penny earned a trip to the vet where we let the skilled hands of science work their magic. No word yet be we are hoping that Jack’s fish have swum again.

Jack the natural way: 1 for 2

Updates to follow on Penny’s success


Shilohs on the National Mall

The MAC chapter of the the SSDCA held a walk on the National Mall and had a great turnout. We had eight shilohs and their people turn out. It was pretty exciting because the annual diabetes walk was going on and 8,000 people walked right by all the dogs. The dogs had  great time and stood and sat there watching them all go by. Many people came over to ask about the dogs. It is amazing how many people think that they are GSDs. Many kids played with the dogs as well as took pictures. A great day was had by all. Check out the photo gallery of the day below.



Goodbye, Kimo.

Kimo Goes to the Bridge.

He was a great dog who lived a very gentle, sweet life.He loved his dinner, walks to the mailbox, scratches behind his ears and his canine sisters Ginger and Jolene. Most of all he loved his people.Don and Josh took him on his last car ride today. Theirs were the last voices he heard as he was loved from this world to the next.Tonight he runs on strong legs with the great ones who have gone before him. Maggie, Buck, JD, Stormie, Tex, Orion, Hank, Judge and sweet Atticus.I will miss his head butts and “WoooWooo”s. I know they wait, and it makes my sad heart smile…


The Perfect Stick

Just thought I would send along a few pictures of Jolene in pursuit of the perfect stick! Her daily job is to hunt for the best stick in the yard and proudly carry it around for awhile. Then comes quiet time while she sits and shreds her stick, and finally nap time. Stick-ing is hard work when you are only 5 months old! AND stick-ing is quite the challenge when there is 23 inches on snow on the ground!



Jolene’s First Snow Day

The first snow of the year is falling right now. Ginger and Jolene are extra frisky in the snow. We did not know what to expect with Jolene but she ran right out, made some snow yellow, and then proceeded to try to eat every bit of white snow she could find.